Trio Collaboration

Trio Collaboration Facebook, Insta & WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg is coming with his new big fat strategy of the trio collaboration of three widely used apps Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

According to NEW YORK TIMES,  FB is coming with its new trio collaboration by letting their users messaging across all services. This is the big integration of all social media website. These apps still exist as three individual apps, but it would mean a user on one app could message someone on one of the others.  FB has given a statement: – we’re working on making more of messaging products end to end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to react to friends and family across networks.  Although it is the start of a long process which is now just budding. It is a personal project of FB founder Mr. Zuckerberg.

This project is currently impossible as the apps have no common in btw.  According to reports (NEW YORK TIMES), It is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 or early next year. It might make it easier for FB to share data across the three platforms.

The newly unified backend would support the end to encryption which allows secure messaging as said above by the reports.

The merger seems practical but the idea may raise concern. For example: –

WhatsApp sign in only requires phone no. But linking that account with personal FB  or Instagram may lead to further privacy issues.

Right now FB is trying hard to reconfigure how WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook function at their basic levels.

The apps infrastructure together, Mark Zuckerberg hopes to increase Facebook’s utility and keep users highly engaged. Zuckerberg believes integrating the services more tightly will benefit Facebook’s entire family of apps in the long term.

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