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Amazon Pay QR Code | Generate QR Code | Scan & Pay

Amazon QR code is another way to send money from Amazon to anyone. QR code is a simple and easy way to complete the transaction on various merchants because of its simplicity. Only you need to open your Amazon app and scan the code and complete the payment.

There is no need to enter the mobile number or bank account details to send money from Amazon. Use QR code to scan and pay using Amazon Pay UPI.

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How To Generate Amazon Pay QR Code

QR code is the best and easy way to pay at nearby stores without entering any details. You can also share your Amazon QR Code with your friends, family, and anyone to receive the money directly into your bank account. It means you don’t need to share your bank account details like IFSC, account number, etc to receive and send money.

You can use the Amazon app to generate an Amazon QR code and use it to receive money directly into your bank account linked with Amazon Pay.

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Step By Step Guide To Generate QR Code In Amazon Pay

Amazon users can scan any QR code and send money using Amazon Pay UPI and the receiver will get money to the bank account which is linked with Amazon Pay. You can scan PhonePe Qr code, Paytm, Google Pay, etc from Amazon Pay and send money directly from the linked bank account with Amazon Pay.

Note: You cannot send money from your Amazon Pay wallet.

Right now there is only one method or way by which anyone can generate/get their QR code. Here is our step-by-step guide to generating an Amazon Qr code for sending & receive money using a QR code.

Step 1: First of all you need to launch your Amazon app make sure that you are signed in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: At this step head over to the Amazon Pay section and there you can see Amazon Pay Balance, Amazon Pay Later, Amazon Pay UPI, and many more top features of Amazon. Click on Amazon Pay UPI to access your QR code.

Amazon Pay UPI
Amazon Pay UPI

Step 3: After this, tap on the show Qr code to see it for scan and paying using Amazon Pay UPI.

Generate Amazon QR Code
Generate Amazon QR Code

Step 4: Now a screen will come in which you can see your QR CodeYour Amazon QR code is ready from which you can receive money from anyone. Take the screenshot of the QR code and save it for scan and pay features.

download Amazon QR Code
Download Amazon QR Code

Anyone can easily find out the Amazon QR code by following the above methods. Now you have generated your QR code from which you can receive money directly into your bank account without sharing confidential details. Only you need to share your Amazon QR code and receive money from any UPI platform in your bank.

QR codes make the transaction easy ways for the merchant on their outlet because the number of transactions is high for merchants and every time sharing details will take lots of time and make the process complex.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I find my QR code on Amazon?

QR code is the best and easy way to scan and pay using Amazon Pay UPI directly from your bank account. No need to enter the bank details and mobile number. You can find your QR code on the Amazon app easily.
1. Launch your Amazon app.
2. Head over to the Amazon Pay sections.
3. Click on Amazon Pay UPI.
4. There you can see your QR code.

What are the key benefits of Amazon Pay Later?

There are lots of benefits of using Amazon Pay Later that can be used while purchasing the products from Amazon.
1. Amazon Pay Later is identical to Simpl, Lazypay, etc.
2. No need for credit card details.
3. No processing charges.
4. Instant credit on your Amazon account.
5. The maximum Amazon Pay Later limit is 60k.

How do I register for Amazon pay UPI?

Amazon has collaborated with Axis Bank for the UPI transaction on its platform. You need to register or set up your UPI id through Amazon to avail of its UPI services that give a lot of benefits in terms of cashback. Go through this to set up Amazon Pay UPI.

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