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How To Apply Passport Online | Passport Application Online

A Passport is a document from which we can travel internationally for education, business, tourism, etc and also it tells the person citizenship. After demonetization, everyone wants to utilize any services digitally and the demand for a passport is increasing day by day. Apply for a passport online is the best feature from which we can get our passport online. Only we need to visit on time to verify our documents at the Passport Seva office.

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In the passport details like our Name, Photo, Nationality, and Date Of Birth are printed. Passport is act as ID proof just like Aadhaar, Driving Licence, Voter Id Card, etc.

How To Apply Passport Online

Applying for a passport is completely an online process. Whether you are applying for fresh or renew the passport. Only you have to visit your selected passport office on your appointment date to verify your documents and other processes. First, you need to create your account on the passport website to proceed further.

The flow of applying online passport will be

  1. Registration on the Passport website.
  2. Fill your basics details.
  3. Upload documents.
  4. Pay and book appointments.

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Step By Step Guide To Apply Passport Online

Applying for a new passport has become a very simple process that will take not more than 15minutes to filled your passport online applications. Here is our step by step guide to apply for passport online from Passport Seva portal.

Step 1: First of all visit the official website of Passport Seva to Apply Passport Online. Tap on to New User to register yourself on the Passport Seva website.

Homepage of passport Seva
Homepage of passport Seva

Step 2: At this step, you have to make your account on the Passport Seva website to apply for your passport.

Making Account On Passport Seva.
Making Account On Passport Seva

Step 3: Now you will receive an email from Passport Seva. Click on the link to verify your account.

Step 4: Once your account is successfully activated. Login to your Passport Seva account to fill your passport application form.

Step 5: Now you can see there are various options available. Tap on Apply For Fresh Passport.

Tap On Apply For Fresh Passport.
Tap On Apply For Fresh Passport

Step 6: Taking it ahead you can apply for your passport in two ways.

  1. Fill the online form.
  2. Download the form and submit it to the Passport office.

Here we are moving with the first option which fills the passport application form online.

Select Alternative 1 to fill your Passport from online.
Select Alternative 1

Step 7: Forwarding to select your nearest Passport Office in which you have to verify your documents.

Select Nearest Passport Office.
Select Nearest Passport Office

Step 8: Now you have to select your passport type according to your requirement from the below options.

  1. Fresh/Re-issue Passport.
  2. Normal/Tatkal Passport.
  3. 36/60 Pages Passport.
Select your Passport Type.
Select your Passport Type

Step 9: Moving to the next step is to fill your basics details.

Fill Applicants Details.
Fill Applicant Details

Step 10: At this step, you have to fill your Family Details.

Fill Your Family Details.
Fill Your Family Details

Step 11: In this step, you need to add your address details. Make sure you have not to fill any incorrect information/ details.

Fill Your Address.
Fill Your Address

Step 12: Now you have to add your emergency contact in passport Seva website.

Add Your Emergency Contact.
Add Your Emergency Contact

Step 13: Now you have to select the details given below. It is just an identity certificate or passport details.

Select The Appropriate Option.
Select The Appropriate Option

Step 14: Answer the following questions just by selecting Yes/No for your passport application.

Select yes Or No.
Select Yes Or No

Step 15: Now you can see how your passport will look like. All the details which are shown here will be present in your original passport which will you receive.

Passport Preview.
Passport Preview

Step 16: It is the last step of filling the details. At this step, you have to select the documents which you have to show at the passport office.

Select The Relevant Documents.
Select The Relevant Documents

Step 17: Now there are two steps remaining to complete your passport application form.

  1. Upload your documents.
  2. Pay and book appointments.
Steps Remaining.
Steps Remaining

Step 18: All the details have been filled. Moving to the next step of the passport application is to upload your supportive documents.

Upload Your Documents.
Upload Your Documents

Step 19: Now complete your payment and book your appointment to complete your passport application successfully.

Step 20: At this step, you have to select your payment mode to complete your passport application successfully. Here I am going to select the online mode.

Select Payment Method.
Select Payment Method

Step 21: Now you can see your basics details and tap on next to move forward.

Schedule appointment.
Schedule Appointment

Step 22: Now you have to select the nearby passport office to book your appointment.

Passport Office.
List Of Passport Office

Step 23: After selecting the passport office, now you have to proceed with the payment for your passport application.

Pay and Book Appointment.
Pay And Book Appointment

Step 24: Now you can see various online methods for payment of your passport are available. Some are free of cost and some are having charges.

Bank charges.
Bank Charges For Online Payment

Step 25: After a successful payment, your appointment is booked on your selected date and your passport office. You are required to visit your passport office on the appointment date.

Appointment Booked Successfully.
Appointment Booked Successfully

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is difference between ECR and non ECR?

There are two categories of Passport
1. ECR Passport
2. Non-ECR Passport
ECR Passport: ECR stands for Emigration Check RequiredIt is the type of passport in which the person who is applying for the passport is not completed his/her 10th class or Matriculation.
Non-ECR Passport: Non-ECR stands for No emigration Check Required. It is the type of passport in which the person who is applying for the passport is completed his/her 10th class or Matriculation.

What is the current passport fee 2019?

The fees of passport depend on various parameters like Fresh or Reissue, Tatkal or Normal Passport, Number of pages, etc.

Type Of Passport      36 Pages      60 Pages
New or Fresh Passport15002000
New or Fresh Passport (Tatkal)35004000
Reissue of Passport15002000
Reissue of Passport (Tatkal)35004000

What documents are needed for passport appointment?

There are some standard documents required to get your passport.

  1. Date Of Birth
  2. Address Proof
  3. Non-ECR
Date Of BirthBirth Certificate, Matriculation Certificate, Aadhaar Card, Election Card, Pan Card.
Address ProofWater Bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Aadhaar Card.
Non-ECRMatriculation Certificate, Identity Card (Government Servant), Birth Certificate.

You can also go through this to find the relevant documents needed for the Passport.

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