Chart Preparation Timimg In IRCTC

Chart Preparation Timing In Railway/IRCTC

According to IRCTC, a chart will be prepared before the 4 hours of departure of the train. Chart preparation timing depends on the departure of train timing. Basically, the chart preparation timing is different for different trains and it also depends on the train departure time whether the departure time is morning or evening. Normally for all trains, the chart will be prepared before 4 hours of departure of that train.

Train Charting: Everything You Need to Know

In Indian Railways there are many quotas are present under which the seats are assigned to the passengers. There will be a need for second chart preparation before 30 minutes of departure of the train from the source if there are any vacant seats available after the first chart preparations.

There will be three conditions after chart preparation all of them are listed below to be understood clearly.

  1. Confirmed Ticket: It means that you have a ticket to travel and you have a seat to sit while traveling.
  2. RAC Ticket: RAC means you have a ticket to travel as well as a seat to sit, but the condition is that you have to share your half seat with another person.
  3. Waiting List Ticket: It means that you have a ticket to travel but you don’t have a seat to sit while traveling.

If you get a confirmed or RAC ticket then there will be no problem. But what happens if you get a Waiting List ticket. Then there will be also two more conditions for that. It will totally depend on the booking methods for the ticket. Whether it is a Counter Ticket Online Ticket (E-Ticket).

  1. From Counter: If you booked your ticket from Railway Counters and it has a waiting list then you will be able to travel with that Waiting List ticket.
  2. From Online (IRCTC): If you booked your ticket from Online websites(IRCTC) and your ticket has a waiting list then it will be automatically canceled by the IRCTC after chart preparations and you will not be able to travel with that Waiting List ticket.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I get my waiting ticket refund from Irctc?

You don’t need to do anything to get your refund. Simply cancel your train ticket and you will get the refund of your ticket on the same bank account from which you have made the payment for booking your ticket.
Normally the banks take time to process the refund in
1. For Net- Banking/Wallets/Cash Cards transaction: 3-4 business days.
2. For Credit Card/Debit Card transaction: 6-7 business days.
But before canceling your train ticket you must be aware of the ticket cancellation charges of IRCTC.

How to create new account on IRCTC?

We can Book Train Tickets From IRCTC Website and from offline that is Railway counter. But to book an online train ticket firstly we have to register on the IRCTC website. This will take no more than 5 minutes to complete the registration process of account creation. Go through the given link to create IRCTC account.

How can I print my train ticket?

It is necessary to show your ticket while traveling to the train. Whether it is in Hard Copy or soft copy (on your phone). Here you can see how to print the IRCTC ticket from IRCTC new website. You can also show the message received from IRCTC. You need to follow several steps to print your train ticket.

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