Delete Multiple Posts From Facebook page

How To Delete Multiple Posts From Facebook Page

Want to delete posts from the Facebook page, that is quite easy but what to do when you have to manage a hundred or multiple posts then you may face the little issue. But do you think why you need to remove posts from your Facebook business page?

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Well, it varies from person to person. There will be any situation when you need to remove the posts.

How To Delete Multiple Posts From Facebook Page

This is quite easy steps but for beginners or the person who doesn’t know about this process then they will face little many issues while deleting bulk of posts from the Facebook page. This is the only method to remove all posts from the Facebook page.

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Step By Step Guide To Delete Multiple Posts From Facebook Page

Running a Facebook page will lead to some complexity in starting. But as soon as you have mastered it you can easily tackle all the problems. So in this guide, we will see how to delete multiple posts in one click.

Step 1: First of all login to your Facebook account from which the Facebook Business page is running.

Facebook Timeline
Facebook Timeline

Step 2: Once login to your account, you can see a dropdown menu at the top right corner click on it.

Tap On Dropdown
Tap On Dropdown

Step 3: Now you can see the Your Page section that contains all the page which is managed by you. Select the page from which you want to delete the hundreds of posts in a single click.

In my case, there is only one page.

Facebook page section
Select Your Facebook page

Step 4: At this step your Facebook page is open. You need to tap on Publishing Tools for delete posts.

Facebook Publishing Tools
Tap On Publishing Tools

Step 5: Now a screen will appear in which you can see the number of posts that you have posted on your selected page.

Facebook Page Posts
Facebook Page Posts

Step 6: Select the posts which you want to delete. If you want to remove all posts then simply click on the checkbox to select the posts and tap on delete under the Actions tab. But you can delete a maximum of 25 posts in a single click.

If you want to remove more than 25 then you need to repeat the process again after deleting these 25 posts.

Select The Posts
Select The Posts

Step 7: This is the lasts step, you need to confirm to remove the selected posts by clicking on delete.

Deleet Facebook page posts
Tap On Delete

You can delete a maximum of 25 posts in a single click. Which is better than to remove the posts one by one. Also once the posts are deleted there is no way to bring them back.

Why You Need To Delete Posts

The process of deleting the bunch of posts in a single click is very simple. This can be a very impressive process which leads to saving more time when you have hundreds of posts.

There can be numerous reason, one can’t imagine the reason. I have listed some reasons why you need to remove posts from your Facebook page. Also, I have listed my own experience of why I need to use this feature.

  1. Suppose you are handling more than 1 Facebook page and by mistake, you have exchange the posts.
  2. Posted wrong posts.

Last month while importing new themes to my website I have imported all demo content of that theme. This will lead to publishing all the posts on my Facebook page. Then I came to know about how to remove all posts at once from the Facebook page.

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