How To Set PhonePe Lock

How To Setup PhonePe Screen Lock- Step By Step Guide

PhonePe has launched the option to turn on the screen lock feature for their users, with this new PhonePe feature, a user can set up the PhonePe screen lock using a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint whichever you are using on your device. The extra layer of security has been added just like WhatsApp Fingerprint to secure your PhonePe account.

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How To Lock PhonePe App

To provide an extra layer of security to PhonePe has released the PhonePe App lock features for its users. The feature is available in the latest version of the application, only you need to update your app from the play store to get this feature to lock the app.

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Step By Step Guide To Enable Screen Lock In PhonePe

To enable a screen lock in the Phonepe app is as simple as sending money from PhonePe. In this guide, we can see how to lock the PhonePe app using fingerprint, pattern, or password lock on your instantly and availed PhonePe top features like PhonePe SwitchPhonePe ATM, and many more.

Step 1: First of all you launch your PhonePe and make sure to login to your PhonePe account.

Step 2: Now tap on your profile which is located at the top left corner of your screen.

PhonePe Dashboard
PhonePe Dashboard

Step 3: Now you have to scroll down your screen and you can see an option to enable screen lock. Tap on the toggle bar to enable screen lock in PhonePe.

Enable Screen Lock
Enable PhonePe Screen Lock

Step 4: Once enabled the screen lock, you can see the toggle bar is active which means the PhonePe lock is successfully activated. You can also disable the PhonePe lock by clicking on it.

PhonePe screen lock activated
Screen Lock Activated

Step 5: Every time you open the PhonePe app you need to enter your screen password, pattern, PIN, or fingerprint whichever you are using on your device to unlock the PhonePe app.

Unlock PhonePe app
Password To Unlock PhonePe App

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I set a PhonePe lock?

To enable fingerprint in PhonePe you need to update the app to get these features. Once updated click on enable screen lock under the profile section.

What is the maximum limit of a fund transfer using PhonePe?

The PhonePe app supports various payment methods so the minimum and maximum limits are different for each payment method.
1. UPI Transactions: The UPI limit is the same as the limit of UPI transactions.
2. Wallet To Wallet: You can send Rs 10,000 in a single transaction while your monthly top-up limit is Rs 10,000.
3. Debit/Credit: Same limit according to bank/card norms.
4. Balance Withdrawal: You can withdraw PhonePe wallet money maximum of Rs 5000 per month (If PhonePe KYC is Completed).

What is PhonePe VPA?

PhonePe VPA is a Virtual Payment Address that links the unique user of PhonePe to their respective bank accounts. A VPA is used in place of your bank account details. You can use your VPA (Virtual Payment Address) to any online merchant so that they can request the money from PhonePe for their given services.

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