Enter Contact Number To Paytm Gold

How To Gift Paytm Gold

In earlier days people used to gift Money, Clothes, Jewelry to anyone. But in this digital era, you can gift Paytm Gold to your family, friend, and anyone in the form of best wishes. Paytm provides a simple and safe way to buy, sell & gift gold. It’s one of the great Paytm features that you can also transfer the Paytm gold to your family, friend, and anyone in simple steps.

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How To Transfer Paytm Gold

Paytm allows users to gift the gold digitally. You can also celebrate special occasions by gifting the gold to your loved ones. It is as simple as adding money to your Paytm wallet which will take less than a minute. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of digital gold in your wallet before gifting. Here is our step-by-step guide to gift Paytm Gold.

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Step 1: First of all launch your Paytm app and make sure you have logged in to your Paytm Wallet and tap on all services under the My Paytm section.

Paytm App Homepage
Paytm App Homepage

Step 2: Select Gold under the Stocks & IPO section or simply search for gold in the search bar.

Paytm Gold Under Stocks and IPO
Paytm Gold Under Stocks and IPO

Step 3: Now you can see the live price of gold, scroll down you can see the option of Gift Gold click on it.

Transfer Paytm Gold
Gift Paytm Gold

Step 4: After that, you need to enter the Contact Number of the person and proceed.

Enter Contact Number To Paytm Gold

Step 5: At this step, you need to enter the amount of gold that you want to gift. Also, you can see the price of gold in INR which you have entered in grams. Verify the name and amount of gold and proceed to pay.

Enter Gold Amount To Send

Step 6: Now a screen will show that your enter amount of gold is successfully gifted and your updated gold balance.

Paytm Gold Successfully Gifted
Paytm Gold Successfully Gifted

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we sell gold in Paytm?

Paytm users can now purchasesell and gift the gold. We can sell Paytm gold online from our Gold Balance and then send that money to our bank account. It is an easy process to sell our gold online. Follow some basic steps to sell Paytm Gold.

What is KYC in Paytm?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. The aim of doing Paytm KYC is to prevent banks from being used unintentionally or for the wrong purpose. As per the guidelines of RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) all customers of any wallet or bank who want to use for higher balance (Limit will increases) for sending money or for another purpose. There are several steps that are to be followed to complete your Paytm KYC.

How to log into my Paytm account if I forget the password?

If you forgot your Paytm password and are not able to remember the password then don’t worry here we can see how one can recover the Paytm password by following several steps. It’s a very simple step.

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