How To Register Amazon Pay Later

How To Apply Amazon Pay Later | Amazon Pay EMI

Amazon Pay Later is formerly known as Amazon Pay EMI from which you can get instant credit that can be used as buy now and pay later. Currently, Amazon Pay later is rolled out only for Indian users. Same as the EMI option in which you can buy products from Amazon and pay the balance later. Eligible for almost every product on Amazon. But first, you need to apply Amazon Pay Later to avail of the EMI facility while purchasing the product from Amazon without having a credit card.

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How To Register For Amazon Pay Later

Not everyone is eligible for buy now and pay later Amazon service. So to get the EMI facility first you need to be eligible for this service and get instant credit to your Amazon account. After successful registration, you will get some limits for the transaction for availing the Amazon Pay Later. However, the maximum limits are 60k.

Amazon customers will need to undergo a signup process in which they need to fill their PAN card, Aadhaar Number or VID Virtual Id, and bank account details to approved your transactional limits for Amazon Pay.

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Step By Step Guide To Apply Amazon Pay Later

This service will give the customer to avail of zero interest on the products purchased from Amazon. You need to login to the Amazon app because the registration process can be done through mobile-only. Start registering the Amazon Pay Later service and get the virtual credit on your Amazon accounts that can be used for purchasing products from Amazon when you have no money. Here is our step by step guide apply Amazon Pay Later and get instant credit in your Amazon account worth of 60k(maximum).

Step 1: First of all you need to launch your Amazon app make sure that you are signed in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: At this step head over to Amazon Pay and find apply for Amazon Pay Later because it is available for limited users. Simply you can go through this to register Amazon Pay Later.

Register Amazon Pay Later
Register Amazon Pay Later

Step 3: Now you need to enter your PAN card details and select the KYC preference. There are two ways to complete Amazon KYC one is from OTP based and the other is doorstep Amazon KYC.

Amazon Pay Later Registration
Amazon Pay Later Registration

Step 4: In this guide, I am using OTP based KYC and need to enter Aadhaar number/ virtual Iid(VID) and verify it with OTP. Many of you are not aware of VID, you can get your Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID) & How To Generate Online.

Amazon pay later verification
Amazon Pay Later Verification

Step 5: Once you enter the OTP received on the mobile number you can see the process is going on for verification and finalizing your Amazon Pay Later credit limit.

Amazon Pay EMI Process
Amazon Pay Later Process Going On

Step 6: After successful verification, you can see your Amazon Pay Later Limit which can be used for purchasing the products from Amazon. Also, your limit will be increased according to your usage and repayments.

Amazon Pay Later Limit
Amazon Pay Later Limit

Step 7: Now you need to et-up the auto repayment method from your purchase from Amazon which can be used for deducting money as an EMI from your bank account.

Setup auto repayment for Amazon pay Later
Setup Auto Repayment For Amazon Pay Later

Hurray, your registration for Amazon pay later is successfully completed. Now you can use this service to shop now and pay later. But you need to know some important points on Amazon Pay Later scheme that will help you in many ways.

You can also check your approved limit for Amazon Pay Later under the Amazon Pay sections.

How Amazon Pay Later Works

Amazon Pay EMI which is known as Amazon Pay Later is rolled out by Amazon after some changes or modifications for the limited customers of India only. If you are eligible then only you can register. Verify your self using the Amazon KYC and you will get some credit limit instantly to your Amazon account.

When purchasing a product from Amazon you can use Amazon Pay Later for payment purposes in which you don’t need to pay while purchasing the product. Same as buy now and pay later scheme.

Amazon Pay Later Availability

You can use Amazon Pay EMI for making the cardless transactions like a credit card for almost any product from the Amazon. Both desktop and mobile platforms can be used for buy now pay later with Amazon but the registration for Amazon Pay Later option can be done from mobile-only.

As you know Amazon has lots of products on its platform and on some products, buy now pay later with Amazon doesn’t work due to the price of some commodities vary each day like Jewelry, products from other countries, gift cards & adding money in Amazon wallet.

Interest On EMI Using Amazon Pay Later Option

There are two situations while purchasing the products using Amazon Pay Later. Whether you can pay the full amount or go for EMI from the available tenure. If you select buy now and pay next month then there will be no interest applied to your products. But when you select the EMI tenure of 3-12 months then only you need to pay the interest on your purchase using the Amazon Pay Later option.

You can see the interest applied to your products on the payment page. Also, all the relevant details can be checked on the Amazon Pay sections. The due date for your order purchased from 1st to 15th of the month will be the 5th day of next month and for 16th to end of the month the due date will be next to next month.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key benefits of Amazon Pay Later?

There are lots of benefits of using Amazon Pay Later that can be used while purchasing the products from Amazon.
1. Amazon Pay Later is identical to Simpl, Lazypay, etc.
2. No need for credit card details.
3. No processing charges.
4. Instant credit on your Amazon account.
5. The maximum Amazon Pay Later limit is 60k.

What are the eligibility criteria to avail Amazon Pay Later?

Amazon Pay Later is only available for Indian users it means you must have an account that is registered on Mobile number and email-id must be verified and the most important is you must hold a valid permanent account number (PAN card) for completing the KYC.

How do I know if I qualify for Amazon EMI?

You can go through the Amazon Pay Later dashboard from which you can get to know whether you are eligible to register Amazon pay Later or not. If you are eligible then you can apply and get instant credit to your Amazon account.

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