YouTube Videos With Chapters

How To Display YouTube Chapters To Your Videos

The YouTube chapters are manually generated primarily based on timestamps that you have added to your videos while publishing. You can add the timestamp in your video description section and it will display withinside the bar under your video. These chapters ruin your videos into sections, every with a personal preview.

How YouTube Videos Look With & Without Chapters

Chapters along will then display up withinside the scrubber bar as segments. These changes you can do while uploading your videos or later while enhancing them. YouTube permits you to mechanically tests the right formatting and offers you extra recommendations on what you need to optimize for better results.

Below is an example of YouTube videos on how it is looked with and without adding the chapters in the description.

Youtube Videos Progress Bar Without Chapters

YouTube Videos Without Chapters
YouTube Videos Without Chapters

YouTube Videos Progress Bar With Chapters

YouTube Videos With Chapters
YouTube Videos With Chapters

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How To Add Chapters To YouTube Videos

According to YouTube’s dependable channel, chapters help the users to navigate and enjoy their videos by assisting them what major/important stuff is present in the videos without seeing the whole video.

We just have to look over the chapters and can say what is coming next in the video. It is something like your video’s title, description, and tags that tell about the videos to the user.

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Step By Step Guide To Add Chapters In YouTube Video

YouTube chapters assist visitors in apprehending via means of giving greater information and context via way of means of letting them rewatch exceptional video components. You can add chapters to your existing videos as well as on new videos. Here is our step-by-step guide to adding chapters to your videos with the help of a timestamp in your video description.

Step 1: First of all you need to log in to your YouTube account.

Step 2: Once login selects the video in which you need to add the chapters.

Step 3: Head over to the video description sections and add a list of timestamps and titles withinside and save the changes.

YouTube video description having timestamp
YouTube Videos Time Stamp

YouTube Timestamp Format

If you followed the correct way to enter the timestamp then definitely you will not face any errors. So below are the ways how you can add timestamps correctly to your YouTube videos. Make sure the first timestamp that you have introduced needs to begin at 00:00.

  1. Time: When the chapter starts.
  2. Chapter Content: What you will see in this particular chapter.

To add the timestamp to your videos you must follow the below-listed formats to display the chapters in your videos.

TimeDuration of Videos
m: ssLess Than 10 Minutes
mm: ssBetween 10-59 Minutes
hh: mm: ssGreater Than 1 Hour

How Chapters Are Display In Various Devices

Chapters assist visitors to navigate and experience your videos in a better view. Below are the example of how the chapters are displayed in Moile and Desktop view.

Chapters In Desktop

YouTube Chapters In Desktop
YouTube Chapters In Desktop

Chapters In Mobile

YouTube Chapters In Mobile
YouTube Chapters In Mobile

How Chapters Are Display In Search Result

Below is an example of how videos that have a timestamp in their description look on the search page of Google.

Chapters Displayed In Desktop Search Result

Chapters Displayed In Desktop Search Result
Chapters Displayed In Desktop Search Result

Chapters Displayed In Mobile Search Result

Chapters Displayed In Mobile Search Result
Chapters Displayed In Mobile Search Result

Why YouTube Chapters Are Not Working

There can be several reasons why your inserted timestamp in videos are not resulting in the desired chapter results through which you can improve user experience. I actually have made a listing that allows you to determine which steps you’re missing.

  1. You need to add at least 3 timestamps in ascending order to your video.
  2. Forget to add the 00:00 timestamp.
  3. Have not used the correct timestamp format.
  4. Your channel may have some active strike.
  5. Not appropriate content.

How To Disable YouTube Chapters

If you think the new chapters features are not relevant for your user you can disable them. It’s totally up to you to use the chapter markers in your video or not. Simply head over to your video and click on edit and remove the YouTube timestamp which you have added.

Benefits of YouTube chapters

  1. It offers a progressive personal experience.
  2. The goal is to assist visitors to locate precisely what they may be seeking out greater quickly.
  3. The privilege is given to humans to effortlessly locate and leap to unique sections of content material inside a video.
  4. On the opportunity hand, Google suggests in its Search Engine Results Page(SERP), together with its featured snippets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do YouTube chapters grow views?

Yes, chapters are a small part of your channel’s success. This characteristic offers a nice cost to your visitors.

How many chapters can you’ve got in a YouTube video?

Although, one YouTube recommended a top restriction of fifty chapters and each chapter must contain at least 10 seconds.

Do YouTube chapters assist search engine optimization?

Reading may be optimized and YouTube will understand the contents of your videos and result in higher on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP).Chapters Displayed In Desktop Search Result

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