How To Setup WhatsApp UPI Payment- Create UPI Id

How To Setup WhatsApp UPI Payment- Create UPI Id

Do you know you can send money from WhatsApp? That’s another WhatsApp top features, but for this first, you need to set up WhatsApp UPI payment and link your bank account with WhatsApp and then see how to send money from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has entered in payment service to compete with digital giants like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.

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How To Create WhatsApp UPI Payment

To create WhatsApp UPI Payment you need to make sure that the mobile number which is linked with bank accounts must be present on your device. Because you need to verify both your mobile number and device to set up the WhatsApp UPI payment.

Step By Step Guide To Setup WhatsApp UPI Payment

Well, there will be some basic and pretty simple steps to be followed. We can see how one can set up UPI payment in WhatsApp and after this, you are eligible to send and receive money from WhatsApp. Just follow our step by step guide to setup UPI payment in WhatsApp.

Step 1: First of all launch your WhatsApp and tap on three dots located at the top right corner of your screen.

WhatsApp Menu
Tap On Three Dots

Step 2: After this, you can see there are various options you need to tap on payments.

WhatsApp payments
WhatsApp payments

Step 3: Now that tap on Accept And Continue.

Setup WhatsApp UPI
Tap On Accept And Continue

Step 4: After that Select Your Bank. You can also search your Bank in the Search Bar.

Select your bank for whatsapp payment
Select your Bank

Step 5: After selecting the Bank Account Verify your Mobile Number.

Verify your phone number
Verify Your Mobile Number

Step 6: Then Select your Sim Card which is linked to your Bank Account.

SIM card selection for verification
Select Your SIM Card

Step 7: Now after getting the OTP to your Registered Mobile Number, select your Bank Account.

Select Your Bank Account
Select Your Bank Account

Step 8: After that, your account is linked to WhatsApp for the payment process. Now you can able to send the money to anyone from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp upi setup completed
Setup Complete

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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In simple words, Mark As Read means your message is seen. “Mark as read” is the feature that is used by the WhatsApp to allow the users to instantly mark a chat from the notification section. We don’t need to open WhatsApp for this. Simply tap on “Mark As Read” from the notification bar and the sender gets the blue tick on its chat.

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You can retrieve your old WhatsApp messages if and only if you have a backup of your message. If you don’t know how to make WhatsApp backup then you can read from here. After that, you need to see how to restore WhatsApp message or chats.

Should I Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive?

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