How do I Speed up a WordPress Website – 5 Ways To Optimize

Are you a developer or someone working on the website whether it is WordPress or any other CMS? I bet you have faced issues regarding the slow website and are tried many techniques to speed up your website. In this guide we will share with you why and how to speed up the WordPress website and what benefits will you get after the optimization of your website.

Why Speed Of Website Is Important

Online consumers are impatient and they expect the page to load within a seconds without any interruption. So if you are running an online business or e-commerce on WordPress, then you should know how to speed up a WordPress website to make your business more profitable.

Search engines (like Google) rank websites according to their loading speed. Speed optimization of a website is necessary to improve your position in the SERP. Studies and reports show that site loading more than 2 seconds directly affects the traffic. To keep your visitors interested, you should speed up your website.

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How To Check Speed Of Website

The most practical and best way you can do for your business is to have a WordPress site. It is a powerful content creation tool. This platform is used to create 75 million websites. But search engine giant Google cares about the speed of the website because with loading speeds of 1- 2 seconds the conversion rates are nearly three times higher than those that load in 5 – 10 seconds.

Below are some lists from which you can check the speed of your WordPress website and the best part is that they are suggesting other methods to optimize your website so that it can load your pages fast.

  1. Page Speed Insights
  2. GTmetrix
  3. Pingdom Tools
  4. Dotcom-tools
  5. Webpagetest

Google Page Speed Test Result

All of the tools listed above are free to use. Hurray go there and check your website speed and implement the suggested way to load your webpages faster than your competitor.

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What Slows Down Your WordPress Website?

Now at this point, I assume you have checked your website speed with different tools mentioned above for both desktop and mobile versions and if you think the results are not in your favor then definitely you need to work on that to speed your website.

Well, there are lots of factors that play a very crucial role which decide the speed of any website. But some of them may or may not impact your site. You can find some of them are below.

  1. Web Hosting: Get Better Hosting with Great Uptime & Security
  2. Unused CSS: Remove Unused CSS
  3. Larger File Size: Compress Image Before Uploading
  4. Plugins: Removed Unwanted Plugins
  5. Avoid Redirection: Minimize The Redirection

It’s time to increase the WordPress website speed without using plugins because a plugin can also impact your speed.

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How To Optimize WordPress Website To Load Fast

Modern technology is all about efficiency and speed. The consumer expects these days web pages to load faster. 40% reported that they would abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. You will learn how to speed up a WordPress website. There are many ways to improve your site speed through appropriate management of themes, images, plugins, etc.

Step By Step Guide To Speed Up a WordPress Website

If your website loads slower than it should, there’s a little doubt that your traffic and bottom line get directly affected. The data reports that over half of all mobile users admit to abandoning a page based solely on its slow loading time. There are some useful 5 ways to speed up your WordPress website.

1. Choose a better web hosting provider

Hosting your WordPress website is a major factor that influences the speed of a website. With the advancement of technology in the web hosting industry, the prices of cloud hosting providers reduce with time. We can buy a cloud server at a nominal price from SiteGround, Digital Ocean, and Amazon Web Services. There are some other web hosting providers like Cloudways who make the task of setting up optimize cloud services as easy as click as launch.

2. Use a Light Weight WordPress Theme

The best way to speed up a WordPress website is to use lightweight themes. One best way is to go for the default WordPress themes. You can also go for themes that use a good framework like Bootstrap or Foundation for a future–rich website.

Astra Light Weight Theme

3. Reduce Image Sizes

Reducing the size of the image without comprising on its quality. There are some plugins available only you need to install the plugin(like Imagify, Smush, etc) and make changes according to that and your WordPress website will drastically reduce the image size which helps you improve the speed of your WordPress website.

JPEG and PNG Image Compression Online

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use any plugin I recommend you to use a website like CompressJPEG & TinyJPEG to compress your images before uploading them to your website.

4. Minify JS and CSS files

The site loading speed can improve by reducing the number of CSS and JS calls and the size of those files. There are plugins available that will help you reduce JSS and CSS files. The most popular being the Autoptimize that can help you in optimizing CSS, JS, and even HTML of your WordPress website.

5. Cleanup WordPress Database

Deleting unwanted data from your database will help you to keep its size to a minimum and also helps in reducing the size of your backups. Deleting old drafts of your content, spam comments, fake users, and unwanted themes to keep your database size to its minimum and helps to speed up your WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce the load time of my WordPress site?

Website speed is very important for user experience as well as for your SEO perspective. If you care about your website speed then you must need to follow the below 5 tips to optimize the website speed which is free of cost.
1. Remove Unnecessary Plugin
2. Enable Caching
3. Optimize Image
4. Enable Lazy Loading
5. Disable Emoji Code
This process will allow you to significantly reduce your website load time.

Do plugins slow down WordPress?

When you need to make your WordPress website attractive you can simply head over to the plugin section and install the plugin like Elementor, Social Sharing, Slider, Chatbot, and many more. But do you know inserting every line of code on a website will lead to slow down your website? So before installing any plugin ask yourself whether it is important to install it or not. You can also check the site speed before and after installing the plugin which gives you data that it slows down your website or not.

How many plugins are too many for WordPress?

There is numerous reason to install the WordPress plugin but you need to think before installing any plugin. Installing many plugins wills leads to slow down your website which means you are losing your customer also that will affect your sales. There is no such number is decided on installing the plugin but you can try not to exceed 20 plugins.

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