How to use Mi remote

How To Use Mi Remote | Mi Remote Control Guide

Do you know that you can use your Mi phone as a universal remote for your various gadgets like AC, TV, Set-top box, Camera, etc? It is the great features provided by Xiaomi in its every device. You can control your any home appliance with this technology named as Infrared Blaster(IR Blaster).

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What Is Mi Remote

Mi remote is an extensive feature provided by Xiaomi that works with your phone to control your various gadgets like AC, TV, Set-top box, Camera, etc. It is working on IR Blaster(Infrared Blaster) which is invisible for human beings. And the IR feature is provided by Xiaomi for free on its device.

How To Use Use Mi Remote Features In Redmi Phones

There are pretty simple steps you need to follow before using Mi remote for your home gadgets like AC, TV, Set-top box, Camera, etc. First, you need to pair your device like a TV with Mi remote so that you can control your devices with the Mi remote. The feature is free for every Redmi phone users.

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Step By Step Guide To Use Use Mi Remote

Any electronic devices which are operating through remote can be operated with your Mi phone due to its extensive feature of IR. Just follow the below-described steps to control your gadgets with your smartphone.

Step 1: First of all you need to download the Mi remote from the play store if it is not installed. After installing launch Mi remote to start pairing with your device.

Step 2: After that, you can see there is an option named as Add Remote, tap on it to pair your device with your smartphone.

Tap on add remote
Tap On Add Remote

Step 3: Now a screen will appear in which various device is shown. Select your device which you want to control with your smartphone like AC, TV, Set-top box, Camera, etc. Here I am demonstrating with the help of AC.

select your device or gadgets
Select Your Device Or Gadgets

Step 4: After selecting your gadgets you need to select the company that gadgets. A list of a company is shown in the image.

Select your gadgets company
Select Your Gadgets Company

Step 5: At this step, you need to point your smartphone towards the device. Tap on the button and release it when your device responds. Your device can take some time to responds.

Mi reomte device pairing
Tap On Button To Respond The Device

Step 6: A dialogue box appears when you tap on the button asking that your device is responded or not. if your device responds tap on yes if no then try again until it responds.

Device Respond Or Not
Device Respond Or Not

Step 7: Once your device is responded you can rename your device. Also, you can create the shortcut to your home screen to use it quickly.

device paired with mi remote
Device Paired With Mi Remote

Step 8: Now you can control your home gadgets with your smartphone after successful pairing with Mi remote.

Control your device with smartphone
Control Your Device With Smartphone

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