How To Import Emails To Sendy

How To Import Emails To Sendy- Sendy Vs Mailchimp

Sendy offers the best and reliable way to reach your customers directly into their email. It’s a great way to offer your service directly to the email. But for this, firstly you need to collect the email. You can also collect an email list using Sendy or any other service. But a great features it has that you to import any email to Sendy account in a simple way. So you can import emails to Sendy with the help of multiple methods.

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How To Import Email List To Sendy

One of the great features of Sendy is to import an email address outside from the Sendy account into your subscriber lists. The very first step is to add your email list into a spreadsheet or excel and then save it as CSV format. This will take less than a minute and boost your email subscribers.

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Step By Step Guide To Import Emails Into Sendy

Importing your emails to boost your email marketing campaign will take less than a minute. Here is our step by step guide on import emails to Sendy and increase your subscriber list.

Step 1: First of all login to your Sendy account to import the subscriber’s email.

Step 2: After that, you need to select the respective brands(for multiple brands) in which you want to import the emails.

Select Sendy Brands
Select Sendy Brands

Step 3: Now you need to open the lists to view all emails by tapping on view lists.

Sendy View All Lists
Sendy View All Lists

Step 4: As you can see I have created two lists, you can also create multiple lists for targeting audiences in a creative view. Click on add new lists to add subscriber’s email into different lists so that the things will not be messed up.

Add New Lists In Sendy
Add New Lists In Sendy

Step 5: After that named the list and add it to your Sendy account.

Import Email To Sendy
Name Sendy Lists

Step 6: Once the list is created, you can import the emails. You need to select the CSV file to import emails in Sendy in one click.

Things To Be Noted While Importing Emails To Sendy

  1. Format your CSV the same way as the example below (without the first title row).
  2. Your CSV columns should be separated by commas, not semi-colons, or any other characters.
  3. The number of columns in your CSV should be the same as the example below.
  4. If you want to import more than just name & email, create custom fields first. (Source Sendy)
Upload And Import Email File
Upload And Import Email File

Step 7: Once imported you can see the successful message. Also, you can see the graph for imported emails to Sendy account.

Email successful Import To Sendy
Email successful Import To Sendy

Sendy vs Mailchimp Comparison

Mailchimp is the #1 email service provider among any other. It has lots of features than any other service provider. We can see some points of difference between these two email service provider and you can select one of them for your email marketing campaign.

Features SupportedAlmost all features are supported on all email marketing platformNot with this
Registration ChargesFree59$
Price Per Email0.03$ OR 2.17INR0.0001$ OR 0.0072INR
Free EmailsFree for 2000 contacts and up to 10,000 emails.No free service.
Inbuilt Templates YesNo

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Sendy?

Sendy is a self-hosted email marketing service provided by Amazon SES which stands for “Simple Email Service”. It is the same as other email marketing tools with lots of cool features. You can send 100X cheaper emails from Sendy.

How much does Amazon SES cost?

Sendy is a self-hosted email marketing service provided by Amazon. Sendy is the cheapest email providing service. The cost of 1 email is $0.0001 which is equivalent to 0.0072 INR. You can send 14email in a second which is the highest speed.

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