Insert New Line In WhatsApp Web

How To Insert New Line In WhatsApp Web

Have you wondered about various cool features of WhatsApp, but facing an issue while adding or insert a new line in WhatsApp Web will hang your mind. You can easily add a new line in WhatsApp on every device like Android, iOS, etc. But not able to add a new line in WhatsApp Web.

But don’t worry you will be going to see how we can add a new line, yes new line in WhatsApp Web which generally not allowed to this.

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How To Add New Line In WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps with more than 1 billion active users. It is having a huge number of user base and WhatsApp is releasing new updates every week by giving some new features in it or by resolving bugs in the previous versions.

By default, the enter key on the WhatsApp web is designed to send the message. But here you can see how to add a new line on WhatsApp Web.

Step By Step Guide To Add New Line In WhatsApp Web

To create a line break in WhatsApp Web we need to follow a different approach. Because when we hit the enter button the message will be sent from our side. Follow our step by step guide to add a new line on your desktop without sending the message.

Step 1: First you need to open or log into your WhatsApp Web account.

Step 2: Now open any chat to send the message. Just type your message and use Shift + Enter to insert a new line in WhatsApp Web.

Insert New Line In WhatsApp Web
Insert New Line In WhatsApp Web

Simply use Shift + Enter to Insert new Line In WhatsApp Web

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I send WhatsApp message to my own number?

If you want to message yourself in WhatsApp then there are various methods available. But do you think why you need this? Is it benefits for you or not. Don’t worry we will be going to see how can one use this WhatsApp features to make your benefits and what are the steps required to message to own number.

Should I Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive?

Yes, you can use Google Drive for making WhatsApp backup. After all, it has various benefits for making WhatsApp backup to Google Drive. Good news for those people who use google drive for WhatsApp chat back up. After 12 November 2018, the storage of google drive will not count the WhatsApp chat back up. You can read Why use google drive?

Is two-step verification safe in WhatsApp?

Two-Step Verification is a process by which the user has to require two steps (method) to verify itself from preventing any unauthorized access to the account as it adds up a layer of extra protection to the account. By enabling this we can access our account only after the successful. If you enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp you need to verify yourself by the following two way
1. OTP(One Time Password): You need to provide the OTP at the time of registration of your WhatsApp account.
2. 6 Digit Passcode: It is another layer of security. You will only allow accessing your account after providing the 6 digit passcode.

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