Install YouTube In Jio Phone

How To Install YouTube In Jio Phone- Updated 2020

Using Jio phone for a long time but not using the most used applications YouTube. Yes, now it is available on Jio phone. Firstly Jio phone has released the WhatsApp on their KaiOS and now you can install YouTube in Jio phone. YouTube is now available on Jio Store for its users. Reliance Jio announced at their Annual General Meeting that Jio phone will be getting the support of WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

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YouTube has been highly optimized for KaiOS so that every Jio phone user can stream YouTube very efficiently. The app will only support when you are operating the latest KaiOS version. So first update your KaiOS version to get the support of the latest applications that are uploaded on Jio Store.

How To Download YouTube In Jio Phone

The process is very familiar as a smartphone, to use any application first you need to download from Play Store or App store depending on the operating system. Once downloaded we need to install that on our mobile. The same process goes with Jio phone.

Step By Step Guide To Download And Install YouTube In Jio Phone

YouTube for Jio Phone just like Jio Phone gets the support of WhatsApp, the most streaming app in the world YouTube is now available in Jio Store. If you want to know how to download and install YouTube then read our step by step guide to install YouTube in Jio Phone.

Step 1: First of all Open or Unlock your Jio Phone if it is locked.

Jio Phone Home Screen
Open or Unlock Your Phone

Step 2: Now go to the Jio Store in Menus of Jio Phone from where you can install any apps that are available on the Jio Store.

Jio Phone Menus
Now Go To The Jio Store

Step 3: After that go to the Entertainment Section and find YouTube on the list. There is various categories of applications that are present like Social and many more.

Jio Store
Search YouTube In Entertainment

Step 4: Now tap on Install to install the YouTube in your Jio Phone.

Install YoutUbe in Jio Phone
Tap On Install

Step 5: After a successful installation tap on Open to Open the YouTube in your Jio Phone.

Open YouTube In Jio Phone
Tap On Open

Step 6: The Official icon or logo of YouTube will be created on your menus. Now you can stream YouTube from your Jio Phone after this update.

YouTube In Jio phone

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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It usually takes 2-4 weeks to arrive at your location. But sometimes it takes more time due to location issues. Once you have received your PIN you need to enter and verify your address. You have 4 months from the date of requesting PIN for verification to verify your address. If not able to verify within the given duration then Google Adsense will stop to display ads on your website or blog.

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