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5 Incredible PhonePe Tips And Tricks – Latest Working Trick

Do you know the top 5 PhonePe tips and tricks that will give you many rewards that make your life easy while dealing with PhonePe? If not then read our complete guide to exploring the various PhonePe tips and tricks.

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Best 5 Phonepe Tips And Tricks Ever!

I have found out some best PhonePe tricks which you can use in your day-to-day life. Have a glimpse of some tips that you can use like the PhonePe gold trick, withdraw PhonePe cashback trick, PhonePe Referral/Refer & Earn, and many more.

  1. Withdraw PhonePe Wallet Balance Trick(PhonePe Gold Trick)
  2. PhonePe Referral Trick(PhonePe free cash tricks)
  3. Withdraw Money From Bank Account Using PhonePe ATM
  4. Chat While Sending Money
  5. Your Shortcut To World Of Apps (PhonePe Switch)

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#Trick 1 PhonePe Wallet To Bank Transfer Trick

Got cashback in PhonePe wallet but don’t know how to transfer the cashback to your bank account? Before moving ahead first know there are two types of balance in the PhonePe wallet. One is a withdrawal balance and the other is a non-withdrawal balance.

A withdrawal balance indicates the money which you have added to the PhonePe wallet from your bank account and a non-withdrawal balance indicates the money which you have to get in the form of cashback(rewards) by using any service.

But PhonePe sets a condition that you can only transfer the withdrawal balance that you have added to your wallet. Don’t worry we have found a trick from which you can transfer your non-withdrawal balance to your bank account also.

Transfer PhonePe Wallet Balance To Bank Account

Here is our step-by-step guide to withdrawing the PhonePe wallet balance. But for this first, you need to complete PhonePe KYC then only you will be able to withdraw your wallet balance from PhonePe to the bank account. However, there is a limit to transferring money, you can only transfer Rs 5000 per month.Withdraw PhonePe Wallet Balance

Transfer Non-Withdrawl Balance(Cashback): PhonePe Gold Trick

When you have earned cash back from PhonePe and want to transfer the cashback to your bank account then the above method will not work. Don’t worry I am here with new PhonePe tricks from which you can withdraw PhonePe cashback to the bank account.

Below are the two steps from which you can withdraw PhonePe cashback or rewards to your bank account.

  1. Firstly you need to buy gold from PhonePe rewards. If you don’t know how to buy gold from PhonePe then read our step-by-step guide to buying gold from PhonePe. Use your cashback or wallet balance to buy the gold.
  2. Once you have purchased the gold from your cashback then you need to sell your gold from PhonePe.

You are thinking about why you need to buy gold and then sell gold don’t worry I will clear all your doubts. The reason for buying gold is because you can buy gold from your cashback which you have received in your PhonePe wallet and once you have bought gold from PhonePe then you can sell your gold and receive the money directly into your bank account.

Note: You need to sell your gold after 24 hours of purchasing. There will be some loss of your money. This is due to the buying rate of gold being higher than the selling rate. Approximate you will lose Rs 4 for selling the gold amount of Rs 100.

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#Trick 2 PhonePe Referral Trick – Free Cash Tricks

PhonePe is giving Rs 150 cashback when anyone downloads the PhonePe app and sends money from PhonePe using UPI. You will get instant cashback from this trick in your Phonepe wallet once the referred person successfully sends money.

Step By Step Guide To Refer And Earn Money From PhonePe

First, you need to download PhonePe and create a PhonePe account. Once successfully registered on PhonePe here is a step-by-step guide to refer and earn rewards on PhonePe.

Step 1: First of all you need to launch PhonePe and make sure to login into your PhonePe account.

Step 2: Once log in you need to tap on refer and earn.

PhonePe refer and earn

Step 3: Now you can see invite your friends from various methods like WhatsApp. Send your unique referral link to your friends and earn cashback.

Refer and earn money using PhonePe

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#Trick 3 Withdraw Money From Bank Account Using PhonePe ATM

PhonePe has launched an ATM service for its users from which anyone who needs cash can withdraw the money from their bank account in a few simple steps and by visiting the nearest PhonePe ATM.

PhonePe ATM is the unique feature of PhonePe which was released on Thursday, 23 January 2020. This feature is currently rolled out for the user of the Delhi/NCR region on a trial or pilot basis.PhonePe ATM

In this process, you can withdraw the money from your bank account using PhonePe just like withdrawing the money from ATM. Didn’t get what it means, I will explain it to you in a very simple way so that all your doubts get rid of.

Just open your PhonePe app and click on the store’s menu located at the bottom of your screen and head over to PhonePe ATM under the services sections.

After that, you can see a list of stores that are accepting you can see all PhonePe ATM merchants near your location with their shop address, approximate distance from your location, and open/closed status of the outlet. Just pay the amount which you wish to withdraw and take the cash from the merchant.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to withdraw money from PhonePe ATMs directly from your bank account.

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#Trick 4 Chat While Sending Money

PhonePe recently rolled out a new feature for their users known as PhonePe chat for both Android & iOS which will help to keep the conversation history for various transactions.

You can start the conversation with anyone in your contact list to keep the purpose of the transaction you have done. In simple words, you can send the message as a note when you have sent money from PhonePeAlso, you can use this when someone from your contact list sends money to your PhonePe account.

How To Use PhonePe ChatWith the help of PhonePe chat, a user can have a conversation with the sender or receiver to confirm the status of the transaction. PhonePe will be going to release some extra features in the chat section like group chat from which a user can collect/request money from family, and friends on PhonePe.

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#Trick 5 PhonePe Switch -Your Shortcut To World Of Apps

PhonePe Switch is a great initiative taken by PhonePe in which we can switch from PhonePe to various favorite apps like Food, Grocery, Health & Fitness, Shopping, Travel, and many more without closing the PhonePe means within the app.

You don’t have to download or install the apps to use. For using your favorite apps you need to find the apps and start using them. There are lots of benefits of the PhonePe switch and this will make it different from its competitor.

How To Use PhonePe Switch & Their BenefitsPhonePe customers can log in to any of their favorite apps without downloading them. It is a great initiative so that users can stick to the PhonePe app.

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