How To Play YouTube Video In Background – Android & iOS

YouTube is having the most advanced features but the main problem with YouTube is that it does not allow users to play videos in the background. This is because the main source of income of YouTube is through ads. If users play YouTube videos in the background that means they are not seeing the ads. So to overcome these issues YouTube does not allows us to play YouTube videos in the background.

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But YouTube has launched its premium services known as YoutTube Premium (Formerly YouTube Red) which allows us to listen to songs and videos without any and we can play YouTube in the background.

How To Play YouTube Video In The Background

As you know YouTube has launched YouTube Red which allows us to listen to songs and videos ads free and we can play YouTube in the background. You can use this method on any device whether it is Android or iOS. But YouTube Red is a paid feature which means to access it you need to buy their subscription.

Now hers is the trick from which you can play any YouTube videos in the background free of cost.

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Step By Step Guide To Play YouTube In The Background

There is one simple way from which we can play any Youtube videos on both Android & iOS. No need to download any applications. We can use any browser installed on our device whether Chrome or Firefox. The easy way to play YouTube in the background is by using Desktop Version which is available in any browser.

I am using the Google Chrome browser. You can use any browser which has a desktop version feature.

Step 1: First of all you need to open any browser on your phone and tap on three dots.

Google homepage in Google Chrome
Open Google Chrome Browser

Step 2: Now you need to select the Desktop Site or Request Dekstop Mode. By browser will be working as the desktop mode.

Request desktop site
Tap On Desktop Site

Step 3: Search YouTube in your browser. Your YouTube will open in desktop mode.

YouTube Homepage in desktop mode
Open YouTube

Step 4: Search the song which you want to play in the background and start streaming.

Play Video On YouTube
Play Video On YouTube

Step 6: Once your video starts playing just leave or minimize your browser. It will stop playing videos. Just swipe down your screen you will see the video is paused. Tap on its resume and start enjoying your YouTube videos in the background.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I watch YouTube videos offline?

YouTube launched its offline features in 2014 for Android and iOS users to save YouTube videos for viewing it after some time. It is best for everyone whose internet is slow and watches YouTube videos with buffer and of low quality. With the help of this feature, we can view any YouTube videos without buffering as well as great video quality. Step By Step Guide To YouTube Offline Videos Saves Any Videos From YouTube.

How do I open YouTube on my Jio phone?

Reliance Jio has released or launched the YouTube services in their Jio Phone which is running on KaiOS. Many users don’t know how to use YouTube in Jio Phone. We can see how to install YouTube on Jio Phone. Just follow the below steps to see how to install YouTube on Jio Phone. There are several steps to be followed for that.

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