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What is the mean of DP in WhatsApp profile pic?

Display Profile Or Picture in short DP. It is the most common word used nowadays on every social media platform but the most common is used in WhatsApp DP.

We can understand it in the way that it describes our social media display picture. In WhatsApp, we can identify any person with the help of their mobile number if it is saved on our mobile phone, but if the number is not saved then we can identify that person with the help of their Display Profile.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is two-step verification safe in WhatsApp?

Two-Step Verification is a process by which the user has to require two steps (method) to verify itself from preventing any unauthorized access to the account as it adds up a layer of extra protection to the account. By enabling this we can access our account only after the successful. If you enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp you need to verify yourself by the following two way
1. OTP(One Time Password): You need to provide the OTP at the time of registration of your WhatsApp account.
2. 6 Digit Passcode: It is another layer of security. You will only allow accessing your account after providing the 6 digit passcode.

How can I send WhatsApp message to my own number?

If you want to message yourself in WhatsApp then there are various methods available. But do you think why you need this? Is it benefits for you or not. Don’t worry we will be going to see how can one use this WhatsApp features to make your benefits and what are the steps required to message to own number.

How do I create WhatsApp UPI Payment?

We know that there are various payment methods available nowadays. But the WhatsApp has also launched its payment methods. With the help of this, we can send or receive the money from anyone but we cannot use WhatsApp payments for paying to any merchantThere are some basics steps you need to follow before sending money to anyone.
Setup UPI Payment In WhatsApp
Send & Receive Money From WhatsApp

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